Wine Burato

The Burato vineyard

The unique location of the Burato Vineyard and the Amandi subzone contributes to the distinct characteristics of the wines produced there. The cooler climate and higher rainfall lead to slower grape ripening, resulting in wines with a more delicate and refined flavor profile.


The proximity of streams flowing through the vineyard also adds to the unique terroir and can affect the grape growing conditions.


The influence of the Miño River and its surrounding landscape on the Burato Vineyard is an essential aspect of the winemaking process and contributes to the unique taste and quality of the wines produced there.


Viñas do Burato is a vibrant and refreshing red wine, with a blend of 90% Mencia and 10% Merenzao grapes, grown in a mixed granitic and alluvial soil in a terraced vineyard. The wine is produced without the use of chemicals or interventions in the winery, resulting in a simple and pure expression of the grapes. On the palate, it offers flavors of plum, dark cherry, and juicy raspberry, with a light-bodied and zippy character, and a mouthwatering acidity.y wine.


The winemaking process at Bodegas Losada Fernandez is as natural and non-interventionist as possible. After the grapes are harvested manually in small boxes, they undergo a careful selection process before they are completely destemmed and crushed.


The fermentation process then takes place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks using only indigenous yeasts, which are naturally present on the grapes and in the vineyard.


The use of indigenous yeasts is an important part of the winemaking process as it helps to preserve the unique flavors and characteristics of the grapes and the terroir. After fermentation, the wine is bottled directly without any fining or filtration, preserving the natural flavors and aromas of the wine. This natural winemaking approach is designed to create wines that are true to their terroir and showcase the unique characteristics of the Mencia grape.

We have a meticulous production process. Try our Burato wine!