History and heritage to produce our wines

Una bodega de referencia

Bodega Losada Fernández is a winery located in the Ribeira Sacra, in the province of Lugo.

Our winery in the Ribeira Sacra is located in one of the most important wine regions in Spain, known for its terraced vineyards and its winemaking tradition.


At Bodega Losada Fernández, we maintain this winemaking tradition by making high-quality wines that reflect the essence of the Ribeira Sacra.


Our wines are the result of a careful and traditional process, which begins with the selection of the best grapes from our vineyards and ends with bottling. In our wine cellar, we strive to preserve the essence of the Ribeira Sacra in each bottle. Our vineyards are located in an area of mountains and rivers, which gives our wines a unique and characteristic flavor. In addition, we use traditional production techniques that allow us to obtain wines of great quality and flavor.


Our wines reflect the passion and love that we put into each step of the production process. In our winery, teamwork and commitment to quality are essential. Each member of our team is dedicated with care and dedication to obtain the best results. If you are a wine lover, we invite you to visit our winery in the Ribeira Sacra. You will be able to learn about the production process of our wines, taste our best vintages and enjoy the landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra. In addition, in our store you can buy our wines and take them home.

La Bodega del Tío Ramón

The history of Bodegas Losada Fernandez's cellar starts with our vineyard in the Ribeira Sacra and the cellar that was built by our family ancestors more than 400 years ago, which has always remained family-owned. The cellar is an old stone house located within the old village of Castro de Ferreira de Panton, near a Celtic Castro, which is a pre-Roman settlement associated with the Celtic Culture.


In 2000, the family completed the modernization of the cellar to incorporate new equipment and processes to create our wines. The old stone walls of the cellar provide the best balance of temperature, relative humidity, and natural air circulation for vinification and aging of our wines. Our vineyards, cellar, and passion create complex wines that maximize the unique characteristics of the Mencia grape.

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