Above all, we are a family project

An idea

In the early 90s, almost just after finishing his veterinary studies, starting from the small Caneiro vineyard and the only one left in the area, one of the Losada brothers (Ramón) began the recovery of all the surrounding land that was completely abandoned. It was a privileged place next to the Sil river. Little by little the stone walls were fixed and the weeds were cleared before planting new vines. Nothing that was subsequently achieved could have been a reality if he had not achieved the complicity of his entire family, especially that of his parents, who worked hard to carry out the project.

Sustained growth

As the idea became more established, a second vineyard was purchased, “Pena do Lobo”, which had already been harvested in the 70s to make wine for self-consumption. The process of buying the other vineyards that we currently have has been constant, but always with a strategy, to provide the qualities we want in our wines.

Primera cosecha

The first vintage obtained was in 1999, after restoring and modernizing the family winery, at which time the rest of the brothers became an active part of the project.